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If you’re suffering from low back or neck pain caused by a herniated disc, there's a new non-surgical treatment you need to know about:
Non-Surgical Disc Decompression

Also known as “DRX-9000” or “Vax-D”, it's the latest medical technology designed to improve the quality of life for those suffering from herniated discs, sciatica, stenosis and other spinal ailments.
Non-Surgical Disc Decompression significantly reduces low back and neck pain and enables the majority of patients to return to their former lifestyles. In fact, medical studies show an 86% success rate, compared to just 50% for surgery.
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Spinal Decompression
You don’t have to live with the pain anymore.

Most of our Jackson area patients notice a marked improvement after just one or two treatments.

Even people who have been in continuous pain for years and were scheduled for surgery. We’ve been able to help hundreds of them, after every other treatment failed.

CLICK HERE to see what they have to say in their own words about help from our center in NJ, with back pain.

In fact, we especially enjoy treating so-called “hopeless” patients whom other doctors have given up on. 

That’s because in the vast majority of cases there's actually nothing “hopeless” about them once they receive the right treatment.

Non-Surgical Disc Decompression and spinal decompression is designed to meet the needs of today's patient, offering physicians the clinical outcome they desire and patients the quality of life they deserve. CLICK HERE to find out what makes our program so unique and effective.

Helping people with Disc pain has become our passion. We can sympathize with their pain and frustration, and enjoy seeing the light in their eyes when that burden starts to lift.

The most important thing we can offer you is HOPE.

Hope that even after you've tried every other treatment without success, you can still get better. We've seen it happen again and again, we see it every day.

It IS possible to beat Disc pain. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

So take the first step and give our New Jersey chiropractors a call today. We offer a free Non-Surgical Decompression Consultation as a professional courtesy. Simply call 732-370-5800 to schedule an appointment, or CLICK HERE to contact our office. FYI, we participate with all major insurance plans and DO NOT charge extra for Decompression therapy.

Thank you for coming to our website. We truly hope that by doing so it will make a difference in your life and hopefully set you on a new path toward relief from Disc pain. 

I wish you the best of health,

Dr. John Carlucci, D.C.
Jackson Spine & Disc Center , P.A.