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During the 24 years I’ve been in practice as a New Jersey chiropractor, the majority of my patients have been those suffering from severe low back or neck pain. More often than not, they also had pain, numbness or weakness radiating down the arms or legs. One patient described it as “like a 3 foot tooth ache going down to my ankle.”

These folks had a similar medical history. Most had disc bulges and arthritis. They had undergone many different treatments for help from centers in NJ, with back pain, none of which had worked. Usually, they had been to a series of doctors who ordered any number of tests, prescribed various meds. Eventually, they were told they would either need surgery or would “just have to learn to live with it”.

These patients came to my Jackson, N.J. office as a last resort. Starting from there, I would treat them with chiropractic manipulation of the spine in order to help relieve pinched spinal nerves and restore proper posture.

I noticed that their symptoms would improve but often returned over time.
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Spinal Decompression
Non-Surgical Decompression is a very advanced type of computer controlled spinal traction, or stretching. For years doctors have known that traction was an effective mode of treatment for spinal pain. By separating the spinal vertebrae apart, pressure is taken off pinched nerves relieving back or neck pain.
Traction also helps bulging discs to resume their normal shape. Imagine pressing your hand against a water balloon on a table, bulging it out. It’s similar to what happens to a disc trapped between two compressing vertebrae in your spine. When you take your hand off the balloon its shape is restored. That’s the basic idea of how Non-surgical Decompression, also known as spinal decompression, helps treat disc bulges or “herniations”.
While traction has been used to help back pain since the time of the ancient Greeks, this new treatment was revolutionary because it was precisely controlled by computer. Rather than just stretching a patient like a piece of taffy as in the old days, Non-Surgical Decompression enabled doctors to precisely target individual discs for treatment in a way they had never been able to do before.
In fact, scientific studies indicated an 86% success rate for pain reduction, almost unheard of in the medical field. Follow up MRI’s also showed that bulging discs returned to their normal healthy shape after treatment. 
I started using Non-Surgical Decompression with my Jackson, N.J. area patients in 2003 and noticed a dramatic improvement in their healing. Patients who had been considered “hopeless” by other doctors, who literally staggered into my office on canes or walkers reported pain relief almost immediately and were virtually symptom free a relatively short time thereafter.
No more constant agony. No more handfuls of pills every day. No more fear of surgery or resigning themselves to a future as debilitated and miserable. Their lives literally had been re-set.
Our Disc Treatment Program incorporates all the most effective conservative treatments available today, including Non-Surgical Decompression, one of the proven best.
For the vast majority of patients the cure is quick and dramatic. Without drugs, without surgery.

I know there is hope and there is help for Disc pain sufferers, I see it every day and my Jackson, N.J. area patients will tell you the same thing. I would be grateful for the opportunity to help you as well.
To understand how Disc pain can be treated successfully visit Our Program page.
As a professional courtesy I offer a FREE Initial Consultation to all prespective new patients. Simply CONTACT US to schedule an appointment.
I wish you the best of health,
Dr. John Carlucci, D.C.
Jackson Spine & Disc Center, P.A.
Being licensed also in Physical Rehabilitation, I began incorporating more and more rehab exercise into their treatment programs. This improved their results but still left many with an annoying amount of residual nagging pain.
Ten years ago, a new and revolutionary type of treatment became available for such patients: “Non-Surgical Decompression”. You might have heard of it referred to as “Vax-D” or “DRX-9000”. These are brand names for different models of the machine, all of which have an identical 510(k) Medical Device Certification issued by the F.D.A. and function in the same way.