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At Jackson Spine & Disc Center we offer “Non-Surgical Decompression” and help in NJ, with back pain, a very advanced type of computer controlled spinal traction, or stretching. You might have heard of it referred to as “Vax-D” or “DRX-9000”.
By gently stretching the spinal vertebrae apart, pressure is taken off pinched nerves to immediately relieve your back or neck pain. The spinal decompression treatment is gentle, painless and very relaxing.
Traction also helps your bulging disc to resume its normal shape. Imagine pressing on a water balloon, bulging it out. It’s similar to what happens to a disc pressed between two vertebrae in your spine. When you take your hand off the balloon its shape goes back to normal. That’s the basic idea of how Non-Surgical Decompression helps your disc bulge or “herniation”.
In fact, scientific studies indicate an 86% success rate for pain reduction, almost unheard of in the medical field. Especially when compared to the traditional 50% failure rate for spinal surgery. Follow up MRI’s also show that bulging discs naturally return to their normal healthy shape after treatment.
While traction has been used to help back pain for many years, this new treatment is revolutionary because it is precisely controlled by computer.
Rather than just stretching a patient like a piece of taffy as in the old days, Non-Surgical Decompression enables us to precisely target your individual bulging disc in a way not possible before.
Once our New Jersey chiropractors included Non-Surgical Decompression as part of our Disc Treatment Program we noticed a dramatic improvement in our Jackson, NJ, area patients’ healing.
Patients who had been considered “hopeless” by other doctors, who literally staggered into our Center on canes or walkers reported pain relief almost immediately and were virtually symptom free a relatively short time later.
The goal of our Disc Treatment Program is to heal your bulging disc and get you out of pain as quickly as possible, then strengthen your spine with rehab exercise so the pain never returns.
Rather than simply numb the problem with drugs we correct the root cause of your symptoms.
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Spinal Decompression
For the vast majority of our area patients the cure is quick and dramatic. Without drugs, without surgery.
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