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"For years after I gave birth, I suffered from horrible pain in my low back that ran down my leg to the thigh. An MRI showed that I had a disc bulge. I tried everything for it. Pain pills, then muscle relaxants, then stronger pain meds and injections. Deep tissue massage, working out at the gym. Nothing really helped.

I started the Non-surgical Decompression therapy and after the first session I could feel some relief already. Soon I stared walking straighter and I could bend and lift things again without severe pain.

Dr. Carlucci worked with me on strengthening exercises and my back improved even faster. Over the next few weeks I could feel the problem getting better and better.

After 6 weeks I had no more pain in the leg and my low back felt 90% better. Soon after that the pain was completely gone and today I’m still pain free. After suffering with pain for years and trying everything else, I can’t believe it’s finally gone.”

Sarah S. – Medical billing specialist
Jackson, N.J.

“I came to Dr. Carlucci on the recommendation of a good friend who the doctor had helped with a back problem. I was experiencing pain throughout my spine but especially in the lower back from arthritis. Since I was taking several medications already for other health problems I did not want to also have to for my back pain.

Dr. Carlucci used several different types of treatment with me including an exercise program for seniors, moist heat and electric stimulation. I have much less low back pain now, I’m at least 90% improved after 2 months. My spine isn’t stiff anymore and my energy and strength are back. My husband and I can finally go for walks and dancing again.

Dr. Carlucci has made such a difference for me. If you have a back problem or arthritis please call him. You will be very happy you did.”

Judith B. – Retiree
Manchester, N.J.

“My work involves a lot of lifting and moving in cramped spaces. Over the years I started getting low back pain that gradually became so bad I could barely do my job. I had sharp shooting pain down the back of my leg all the way to the heel. My doctor sent me an MRI that showed I had a disc problem.

When I first came to Dr. Carlucci I was hardly able to walk. I was leaning to one side and had to hold onto the wall to keep myself up. I started treatment and after the first few sessions the low back pain became much better.

The pain down my leg started getting better and finally went away completely. I couldn’t believe it. After all that time I could bend and move without a sharp pain down the leg.

My low back is so much better now too. I can work a full day without that nagging pain I used to have. I do spinal exercises in the office with Dr. Carlucci and also follow the home care program he gave me. I feel stronger and better every day.

My pain used to be horrible and it scared me. I didn’t want to have a spinal operation or have to go on disability and lose my job. Now I don’t have to.

I am so grateful I found Dr. Carlucci. He has helped me so much. It really works. I hope he can help you too.”

Daniel L. – Electrician
Jackson, N.J.

“I have a problem with my posture from sitting at a computer for years. I became very bent over and started getting really bad neck pain and headaches. Over the years, I also started getting pain down my arm that spread to my hand.

I had an MRI and found out I had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. The orthopedist talked about surgery but I didn’t want to even think about that. I found Dr. Carlucci’s office on the internet and started the Thoracic Outlet program he has. 

I started feeling relief right away which really surprised me. I could feel the pressure coming off the pinched nerves in my neck. My arm pain started to finally feel much better. 

I am very happy with my progress and the Thoracic Outlet therapy. I drive nearly an hour to Dr. Carlucci’s office but it is well worth it because my problem is finally healing. I followed up with my orthopedist and he was very encouraged and said I should definitely continue. I’m so much happier now that I don’t have as much pain anymore and it’s getting better.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Carlucci.”

Lillian M. – Computer programmer
East Brunswick, N.J.

​“I am a Pharmacist and spend most of my working time on my feet. I’ve suffered from low back pain, which grew progressively worse over the past 30 years. Since I’ve been treated with the Non-surgical Disc Decompression I am able to work 12 hours a day on my feet without pain. I feel much better and am also able to do my other daily activities again without any discomfort.”

Jerry S.
Jackson, N.J. 

“I suffered from serious back and leg pain for about 10 months before coming to Dr. Carlucci. I was taking pain medications and muscle relaxants just to cope. Dr. Carlucci's treatment has made a termendous difference for me. I don’t take medications any more and the pain has decreased dramatically. I am also sleeping better. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Patricia E.
Jackson, N.J.
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